Prime Directive: Improve Dev Testing Skills

Andrew Prentice, Atlassian

In many development organizations today, quality is the responsibility of everyone on the project-both developers and testers. However, getting devs fully engaged in this testing continues to be a challenge. Andrew Prentice describes two approaches-blitz testing and mentored testing-that help Atlassian’s developers gain the skills they need to improve code quality before the testers get their hands on the application. He shares how they structure and organize blitz tests-group test sessions, the various roles participants play in them, and how to foster their viral adoption. Andrew also describes mentored testing, including its potential risks and mitigation options. He examines the skills and tools testing teams need to implement these techniques with their devs. You’ll learn about the whole-team accomplishments that came about as a result of their innovative efforts: improved accountability, elimination of bottlenecks, and testers having time to focus on the most complex testing issues.

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