From Problem to Solution : The Continuum Between Requirements and Design

Christopher Brandt, Moneris Solutions

By learning the best mechanics for getting from problem-business needs and requirements-to solution-architecture and design-your team can turbo-charge its development process to generate the most creative and innovative solutions. Christopher Brandt explores how the top architects and design teams challenge apparent constraints, brainstorm solutions with stakeholders, ask the right questions, and ultimately determine the best design approach for the product. Challenging constraints enables the architecture team to identify the "real" problems the system will solve. Brainstorming empowers the entire team to conjure up many possibilities for the design solution. Asking probing questions results in fully understanding the requirements, the challenges, and the value proposition in order to recognize the right solution for the problem at hand. Having the decision-making power allows the project to move forward with confidence. Join Christopher and take back a new understanding of the continuum between requirements and design along with a new set of tools for design creativity and innovation.

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