The Promise of Model-Based Testing

Mahesh Velliyur, Maveric Testing Solutions

Good test design is the cornerstone of every test effort. Although approximately 50% of testing time is spent on test design, very little has been done to bring structure, automation, and a scientific approach to the test design process itself. The quality of designs is highly dependent on the individual tester's expertise. Mahesh Velliyur N has found that model-based testing is extremely useful in testing end-to-end business scenarios. Model-based testing brings a rigor to test design by focusing on what and how much to test. Models are useful in testing only when they are able to generate a useful set of test cases providing measurable coverage and traceability back to the system under test. Often, model-based testing meets those requirements. In addition, it avoids duplication of tests at different test levels, ensures more complete data coverage, and helps in prioritizing test execution. Mahesh demonstrates a simple functional model he developed for retail banking and the algorithms developed in test case design and sequencing.

  • The fundamentals of model-based testing
  • Domain-specific frameworks using model-based testing principles
  • Practical examples of model-based testing

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