Pushing Pennies: Playing with the Principles of Product Development Flow

Bill DeVoe

Lean and agile concepts can sometimes be counterintuitive, but the right game or exercise can effectively demonstrate those concepts, providing a practical basis for conversation and learning. Being able to talk beyond anecdote and theory and actually demonstrate why something works is a powerful statement. In this workshop, Bill DeVoe will execute some games you can take back to your organizations to help them understand some basic lean and agile concepts regarding optimization of flow and throughput. Through these activities, we’ll demonstrate the value of a prioritized backlog, optimized batch sizes, limiting work in progress (WIP), and more. This workshop will consist of two primary exercises: a version of the Name Game to demonstrate the benefits of constraining WIP, and a longer session that uses the Modified Scrum Penny Game to demonstrate the principles of product development flow, including preferring small batches over large ones, limiting WIP, and prioritizing our work by value. Join Bill to explore these fun new ways to teach lean and agile concepts.

About the Presenter

Bill DeVoe has been in IT for almost 30 years and has spent 20 years of that as an agile practitioner, trainer, and coach. He has a diverse background and has introduced and adapted agile processes with everything from Fortune 10 companies to small startups. He knows what it's like to be working in agile shops as a developer in the trenches, a manager, and product owner. He is the Agile Evangelist for Velocity Partners, a near-shore development company specializing in distributed agile development. He is a Certified Scrum Professional, a SAFe Program Consultant, and licensed Management 3.0 Facilitator.

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