By the Reader, for the Reader: The Wall Street Journal’s Secrets to Customer-Centric Experiences

Sumeet Mandloi

Readers of The Wall Street Journal have seen many stories about companies shutting their doors after years of success. These companies failed to adapt to rising customer expectations and new technologies—they lost touch with what their customers wanted. The Wall Street Journal didn’t want to become one of these cautionary tales. Sumeet Mandloi explores how The Wall Street Journal aligned its engineering, design, and product teams to shift to a quality engineering organization focused on customer-centric experiences. As part of this transition to quality engineering, the company started testing technologies like augmented reality with its actual customers across seventy countries. Sumeet will discuss why customer-centric design is essential to thriving in today’s media environment, and he'll cover what new technologies The Wall Street Journal is using to improve customer experience. You'll discover how testing with real users can improve your overall customer experience.

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