Removing Impediments and Cultivating a Culture of Feedback

Joanna Vahlsing

As agilists, we know the importance of open, candid feedback for agile teams to be continuously improving. This talk will share how impediments, such as unconscious biases and a person’s level of self-confidence, can impact the feedback and learning cycle. Participants will learn why there are positive and negative reactions when feedback is given, the difference between a defensive (fixed) and accepting (growth) mindset, how age, self-confidence and gender biases influence an individual’s mindset and other impediments that can impact a team member’s ability to provide candid feedback. Participants will leave the session with ideas a broader understanding of how these hidden impediments are impacting their teams’ performance, what they can do to alleviate those impediments, tactics on how to cultivate a psychologically safe environment to encourage feedback and what they can do to create further awareness amongst the agile community.

About the Presenter

Joanna Vahlsing is a results-oriented portfolio, program, and project manager and change leader with a history of leading highly successful teams in enterprise-level and global environments. She is currently senior vice president of program management at Centro, an AdTech company headquartered in Chicago.

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