RESTful Web Services Testing

Srichakrabindu Laxminarayan,

RESTful web services are gaining popularity due to their features, scalability, ease of development, and the stateless nature of the REST architecture. As more companies start adopting REST, efficient testing of these web services will become an important issue. Bindu Laxminarayan shares her experience with testing RESTful services using both manual and automated approaches. She describes the differences between SOAP and RESTful web services, discusses REST architecture from a testing perspective, and provides an in-depth guide for testing. Bindu shares examples of different MIME types such as XML, JSON, and XHTML with a particular emphasis on these different testing types. She identifies and illustrates important test issues to consider during regression, integration, and load testing of RESTful web services. Take back a detailed road map for developing automation scripts using SOAPUI and performing manual testing using the Poster Firefox add-on.

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