Retrospectives in Action - Looking Back at the Conference

Jean Tabaka, Rally Software Development

In this last-day, last-hour session, Jean Tabaka invites you to apply a fundamental practice of agile teams-retrospection. Jean guides you in facilitating your own retrospectives about the Agile Development Practices conference you have just attended. You will mine your experiences by creating a timeline of your conference observations, your high points, your low points, and your conference activities. Each team will then use their timeline of observations, impressions, and actions to interpret how their overall conference experience might impact what they could do differently at the next conference, what they would recommend as changes for the Agile Development Practices conference organizers, and what they might recommend even outside of the conference context. Finally, each team will prioritize their recommendations to be collected and delivered to the Agile Development Practices conference organizers. Join Jean in a fun look back and a chance to impact future Agile Development Practices conferences!

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