Scaling Your Tests: Continued Change Without Fear

Ryan Scott, Rally Software Development

Agile teams move faster when cycle times are short and code deployments are frequent. To release often, a robust suite of automated tests is a must-have. Tests are the safety net that enables fearless change. Throughout a software system's lifespan, its test suite grows, evolves, and decays. Left unchecked, test execution times increase and non-deterministic failures erode confidence. Ultimately, the test suite that once served as a change-enabler becomes an anchor, grinding progress to a halt. Scaling a test suite is complex and difficult—and vital to successful organizations. Drawing from experience in the trenches, Ryan Scott describes real-world examples of how and why test suites can become burdensome and shares solutions for keeping your test suites tidy. Ryan explores techniques for test parallelization and code restructuring that his company used to decrease the execution time of its test suites by more than 90 percent while more than tripling the number of tests. Take back new ways to fearlessly scale your agile testing.

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