Secrets from the Authors of the Agile Manifesto

Ryan Lockard

Agile coach Ryan Lockard interviewed fourteen of the seventeen authors of the Agile Manifesto for a special podcast project. Originally the idea was to capture the intent of authors and to chronicle the story of the Agile Manifesto, but what emerged became much more. This session covers the real story behind the rise and fall of agile in industry and what we can do to reclaim it. Ryan will dive into the history behind the Agile Manifesto and its signatories, what precipitated the manifesto's creation, and what the vision for it was. From that story emerges the rise of an industry, and to some degree, that industry stepped on the initial ideals of the manifesto. Direct from the stories of the authors, in their own words, is the path to reclaim the mindset that set millions of professionals on their agile journeys. This session will help you rediscover the core of agility and reconnect the people, processes, and tools that create the agile mindset.

About the Presenter

Ryan Lockard has seventeen years' experience in software delivery. Ryan has worked in various industries, including intellectual property, advertising, science, publishing, manufacturing, ERP, clinical decision support, and learning, and he is currently with Contino, a global leader in DevOps and cloud enablement. Ryan is an agility leader and has facilitated many enterprise engineering, cloud, DevOps, lean, and agile delivery transformations. Ryan also has been a member of the Harrisburg University corporate faculty, a cofounder of the Agile Uprising, and an independent lean development trainer. Based in Philadelphia, Ryan is an avid reader, host of the Agile Uprising podcast, and loving father of three, and is incrementally becoming a great husband.

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