Secrets of CMMI for Agile Organizations

Jeff Dalton, Broadsword Solutions Corporation

Are you convinced that agile development methods and process improvement methods such as CMMI® don't go together? Have you been the victim of a ton of process overhead dropped on your head? It doesn't have to be that way. CMMI® and agile methods can work together to supercharge software development performance, gaining the advantages of agility and the repeatability, reusability, and infrastructure that process maturity provides. Jeff Dalton presents an agile approach to CMMI®, both in content and in management of the process itself. Agile cultures need to approach and perform process improvement activities within a language and framework that makes sense to them-an agile framework. Jeff discusses iterations, releases, design slams, integrated teams, and JENTM concepts (just enough, not too much). If you are interested in agile methodologies and would like to learn how to apply CMMI® in your organization, this class is for you.

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