The Secrets of Faking a Test Project

Jonathan Kohl, Kohl Concepts Inc.

It's never been easier to fool your manager into thinking that you're doing a great job testing! In his presentation, Jonathan Kohl covers today's most respected test fakery. These techniques include misleading test case metrics, vapid but impressive looking test documentation, repeatedly running old tests "just in case they find something", carefully maintaining obsolete tests, methodology doublespeak, endless tinkering with expensive test automation tools, and taking credit for a great product that would have been great even if no one had tested it. Jonathan also covers best practices for blame deflection. By the time you're through, your executive management won't know whether to fire the programmers or the customers. But, it won't be you. (Disclaimer: It could be you if an offshore company fakes it more cheaply than you do.)

  • Cautionary true stories of test fakery, both purposeful and accidental
  • Why surprisingly common practices often surprisingly go
  • Signs that your testing may be fake

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