Service Virtualization: What Testers Need to Know

Arthur “Code Curmudgeon” Hicken

Unrestrained access to a trustworthy and realistic test environment—including the application under test and all of its dependent components—is essential for achieving “quality @ speed” with agile, DevOps, and continuous delivery. Service virtualization is an emerging technology that provides teams access to a complete test environment by simulating the dependent components that are beyond their control, still evolving, or too complex to configure in a test lab. Arthur Hicken covers the ABCs of service virtualization—what it is and how it impacts Access, Behavior, Cost, and Speed. Learn how it can help you test more rigorously, avoid parallel development bottlenecks, and isolate application layers for debugging and performance testing in two ways—first, by providing access to dependent system components that would otherwise delay development and testing tasks; and second, by allowing you to alter the behavior of those dependent components in ways that would be impossible with a staged test environment.

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