Small is Beautiful: Business Agility Through Adaptive Governance

Sanjiv Augustine, LitheSpeed

In this economic downturn, is your company looking beyond knee-jerk cost cutting to focus on creative ways to solve business problems? When businesses tap the innovative capabilities that agile development teams possess and scale up through adaptive governance, they can produce game-changing solutions. Sanjiv Augustine shares how leading businesses are using agile to jumpstart and scale their new product development by incorporating user-centered product design and a user story “maturity progression” to support the creative evolution of system development. To optimize their project investments, these businesses are adopting incremental funding and portfolio-level feature prioritization, reducing team churn by creating stable teams with embedded specialists, and tracking and monitoring project portfolio progress across multiple teams in a visual, agile fashion. In addition, businesses are aligning individual compensation with team-based performance management to reward both teamwork and individual excellence. Join Sanjiv and learn how you can adapt these successful practices to your organization.

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