Software is Entering a New Dimension - Are You Ready?

Linda Hayes, WorkSoft

A revolution in the business of software is coming . . . The boundaries between the business and IT from one enterprise to another will disappear. The space around functional system silos will dissolve. How we develop and deploy software will have to undergo radical change, challenging our entire thought process about how, why, and for whom we build it. Already today, delivery cycle times are down to days and business processes embedded in software represent invaluable corporate intellectual property. Soon, service-oriented architectures will enable ad hoc application integration and sophisticated, dynamic user-driven software configurations. Web services, already deployed on many corporate Intranets, will be exposed to customers (and competitors as well as malicious hackers). These forces represent profound changes in how software is developed and deployed. Veteran software guru and pundit, Linda Hayes, looks down the road to help you understand what these changes mean to you and your company and what you must do right now to get ready.

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