Software Inspections for the Common Folk

Ronald Yun, ADP

Many have tried to implement software inspections in commercial development shops ... and failed. Common reasons include “not enough resources," "takes too long," and "makes people uncomfortable." Ron Yun demonstrates how ADP has implemented both "full” and "lite" inspection practices that reduce resources, automate many aspects of the process, and help take the personality issues out of the process. With their practices, ADP completes inspection meetings quickly and has eliminated all manual forms. They have merged key inspection information with data from their defect tracking system to determine progress toward the goal of finding defects as early as possible in development. Their automation tools track the identified issues, provide a permanent audit trail of the inspection, and automatically generate metrics to report status and gauge effectiveness. Take back templates that you can use with MS-Excel to implement these inspection practices and automation tools in your shop.

  • Examples and benefits of inspections in commercial development
  • Tools you can create to automate key aspects of the inspection process
  • Conduct any inspection meeting in 60-minutes or less

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