Some Not-So-Crazy Ways to Do More with Less

Tim Lister, The Atlantic Systems Guild Inc

When the world goes sideways, most people freeze, waiting for some clear signal of what to do. That's a really bad idea! Tim Lister suggests that within today's craziness are great opportunities to make big changes in everything-how you are organized, what you work on, how you set priorities, the whole shebang. Now is the best time to change the less than wonderful part of your organization’s culture. For instance, everyone has heard of Faster, Cheaper, Better. How about Slower, Cheaper, Better? Go on a project diet and limit the number of projects that can run concurrently; no new project can start until one actually finishes. And how about assigning an experienced developer to review the specification as it is being written? Many organizations have a sign-off when the specification is done. By then, it is way too late. Also, its time for every team to have it's own personal assistant. The assistant takes care of the work that anybody could do and works two to three hours a day. The assistant goes to high school the rest of the time. Crazy ideas? Perhaps, but these are crazy times. Make them work for you. Now is the time for changes that just might stick.

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