STARCANADA 2013 Keynote: Cool! Testing's Getting Fun Again

Jonathan Kohl, Kohl Concepts, Inc.

The last exciting era in testing was in the late ‘90s when the web turned technology on its ear, the agile movement overthrew our processes, and the rise of open source gave us accessible and innovative tools. However, since then, Jonathan Kohl finds it has been a lot of the same-old, same-old: more web applications, variants of agile, and testing tool debates. After a while, you start to feel like you’ve “Been there, Done that, Got that t-shirt.” However, testing doesn’t have to be a rehash of all the things you’ve done before. It is an exciting time to be a tester! Major changes are happening all at once. Smartphones and tablets have upended computing. Continuous release movements like DevOps are challenging our processes. BigData, the Cloud, and other disruptive technologies are fostering the development of new tools. These innovations are pushing testers in new directions. While this upheaval is challenging, it also offers enormous opportunity for growth. Jonathan challenges you to embrace these changes—and have fun doing it. Discover today’s amazing new opportunities, and how we can learn, adapt, and ride the wave.

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About the Presenter

Jonathan Kohl is an internationally recognized consultant, technical leader, and popular speaker based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The founder and principal consultant of Kohl Concepts, Inc., Jonathan assists teams with testing, helps companies define and implement their ideas in products, coaches practitioners as they develop software on teams, and works with leaders to help them define and implement their strategic visions. As a thought leader in mobile application testing—with a newly published book  Tap Into Mobile Application Testing , Jonathan develops policy and strategy, helps teams adjust to methodology changes, and actively works with teams to deliver the best possible products.

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