STAREAST 2014: Using DevOps to Improve Software Quality in the Cloud

Glenn Buckholz, Coveros

DevOps is gaining popularity as a way to quickly and successfully deploy new software. With all the emphasis on deployment, software quality can sometimes be overlooked. In order to understand how DevOps and software testing mesh, Glenn Buckholz demonstrates a fully implemented continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) stack. After describing the internals of how CI/CD works, Glenn identifies the touch points in the stack that are important for testing organizations. With the now accelerated ability to deliver software, the testing groups need to know how this technology works and what to do with it because swarms of manual testers will not be able to keep up. Glenn demonstrates where and how to use automated testing, how to collect and make sense of the massive amount of test results that can be generated from CI/CD, and how to usefully apply manual testing.

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