Streamlining the Developer-Tester Workflow

Chris Menegay, Notion Solutions, Inc.

The islands that many development and test teams live on seem far apart at times. Developers become frustrated by defect reports with insufficient data to reproduce a problem; testers are constantly retesting the same application and having to reopen "fixed" defects. Chris Menegay focuses on two areas for improvement that will help both teams: a better build process to deliver a more testable application to the test team and a defect reporting process that delivers better defect data back to the developers. From the build perspective, he explores ways for the development team to identify which requirements are completed, which defects were fixed, and how to guide testers on which test cases to execute. Chris details the components of a good defect report, illustrating ways for testers to provide accurate reproduction steps, demonstrating video capture tools, examining valuable log files, and discussing test environment issues. Join this session to help bring together development and test efforts with new practices that facilitate a natural and productive sharing of information.

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