System Implementation Details: Understand, Test, Ignore

John Lambert, Microsoft Corporation

Testers sometimes focus only on product functionality; however, the best testers also consider the system implementation details: programming language, runtime environment, operating system, resource usage, and more.

To improve your testing and find more issues that affect customers, you first need to understand what is really happening inside your product. Second, you need to test the interactions between the product and the system implementation (but you don't need to re-test everything). Third, you need to ignore what you have learned-customers will always blame the product even if the system implementation caused something bad to happen.

Join John Lambert to see examples of implementation details that cause problems in GUI-based applications, APIs, and Web systems. Find out how you can develop skills that will help you test your current product and will transfer to entirely different products in the future.

  • Examples of implementation details that affect products
  • How to test the interactions with the underlying implementation
  • New test techniques for automated, exploratory, and penetration testing

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