Taking Personal Ownership for Software Development Success

Jim Brosseau, Clarrus Consulting Group, Inc.

The responsibility for building effective software teams is more than just a management task. Indeed, in some situations, management could easily rationalize that there is limited business value in improving team effectiveness. Our current reliance on processes, methodologies, and tools is misguided in that it largely looks outward rather than inward for solutions. There is a better way! Jim Brosseau examines the challenges and barriers we face with typical approaches when attempting to build effective teams. He explains how each of us can take responsibility for personal and team success and describes a meaningful progression of steps to achieve this goal. In doing so, Jim helps you look beyond the traditional team building approaches to explore personal motives, attitudes, skills, and interpersonal relationships-all fair game as potential opportunities for improvement.

  • Technical and interpersonal barriers to building effective teams
  • An improved model for personal and team change management
  • New skill sets needed for building great teams

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