Taking Your Team from Dysfunctional to Dynamic

Michelle Vician

Does it seem like your team is the antithesis of agile? Being negative or fearful, resisting change, or hoarding information are common pitfalls that impede progress and can sink an agile team. How can your team adapt to each other, avoid these patterns, and find its greatness? All teams have people with talents and untapped abilities, but it can be difficult for a team to figure out what works for them, what they have, and what they lack. If your team is struggling to unify, find its stride, or revel in the fun of working together, then this session is for you. Michelle Vician will reveal methods to build collaborative behavior, reduce fear of failure, and increase generous knowledge-sharing within a team. She will present some key steps to identify everyone’s strengths and to fuel investment in—and passion for—the team's success. Join Michelle as she shares tried and true tactics to unleash your team’s potential and take your team from flat to phenomenal. Happy people are productive people, so learn from this session and watch your team soar.

About the Presenter

Enthusiastic about pragmatic, realistic approaches to teaming and delivering capabilities, Michelle Vician has been lucky enough to experience all phases of the lifecycle—sometimes working for IT, sometimes working for business teams as a product manager. Her more than twenty years of real-world experience fosters the viewpoint that people-focused approaches produce the best results. She is passionate about elevating the performance and delivery of teams while fostering an environment of connectedness, support, collaboration, and generosity.

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