Teamwork Is an Individual Skill

Christopher Avery, Partnerworks Inc.

Are you in this situation? You share responsibility with others to get things done, and, although you are not in charge of them and they are not in charge of you, your individual performance, credibility, and perhaps even your paycheck depend on what you accomplish with them. Knowing how to get things done with others over whom you have no direct authority may be your greatest leverage for career success-and your success in developing high-value software. Christopher Avery shares his communication framework for building and leading cohesive, high-performance teams. You don't need to be a smooth-talker or an extrovert to master this approach. The fundamental challenge is helping team members understand the differences between responsibility and accountability, and mastering the dynamics of everyone's assuming shared responsibility for success. Being accountable for something doesn't necessarily mean sharing ownership-responsibility-when things go wrong. Teams that operate with shared responsibility have more confidence, get better results, and have more fun.

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