Tear It Down to Build It Up: Using Agile in Construction Project Management

Arjay Hinek

Operating on the philosophy that one must thoroughly know the rules before one can break them, a global company developed its own delivery model that is still as true to the agile mindset as is possible. Join Arjay Hinek in this lively session as he deconstructs his company's experiment in melding agile with construction project management to create a hybrid delivery model. At first, the teams were struggling with clear ownership, timely communication, and clear follow-through on work in progress. From modifying the user story mapping model in order to improve project initiation to dissecting and rewriting the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto, Arjay stretched agile practices to the limit to help his teams strive and grow through iterative and incremental delivery. Arjay will share the struggles, failures, and successes of this innovative experiment. If you have ever tried applying agile principles outside of software development, this talk is for you. Join us as we explore creating an agile culture in a nontraditional setting.

About the Presenter

Arjay Hinek has been in project management since the '90s, helping teams, companies, and even individuals apply agile as a culture rather than a process. While coaching teams, product owners, and management within small startups as well as large enterprises, he has delivered workshops, training sessions, and talks on all aspects of agile. As a CSP, Arjay is always looking for ways to help teams learn as they improve. He comments on those and other agile efforts in his blog, "So Agile It Hurts Sometimes."

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