Ten Things You Absolutely Must Know before Touching Agile with a Barge Pole

Ade Shokoya, AgileTV

As agile continues to grow in popularity, more organizations are experiencing the frustration and pain that accompany attempts to move from traditional to agile practices. With that pain comes the awareness that organizational and cultural change is essential to an agile adoption strategy. Ade Shokoya shares proven approaches for “selling agile” to senior management, colleagues, and all business stakeholders. Ade offers up what he calls “stealth agile” as a catalyst for organizational change. You’ll learn about the three personality types essential to successful agile transformation initiatives and how to avoid the common agile mistake that could cost you your job and/or reputation. Take back a guide to determine the agile transformation strategy best suited to your organization’s size and culture. Whether you are thinking about introducing agile into your organization or are already in the process, leave equipped with strategies that the world's top experts use to transform organizations from waterfall to agile.

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