Test Automation Centers of Excellence

Jennifer Seale, Nationwide Insurance

Many organizations want to automate their testing efforts, but they aren't sure how to begin. Successful test automation requires dedicated resources and automation tool expertise-two things that overworked test teams do not have. Nationwide Insurance's solution was to create a Test Automation Center of Excellence, a group of experts in automation solution design. Members of this team partner with various project test teams to determine what to automate, develop a cost-benefit analysis, and architect a solution. Their automation experts stay with the test team throughout the automation project, assisting, mentoring, and cheering. Join Jennifer Seale to learn what it takes to put together a Test Automation Center of Excellence and examine test automation from a project management point of view. Jennifer describes the processes and artifacts her centralized test automation team develops to ensure a consistent, high-quality test automation partnership. Take back a template for planning a test automation project and scoping the effort required for success.

  • A process that ensures good test automation planning
  • Produce an accurate cost-benefit analysis
  • How a centralized automation team can help your entire organization

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