Test-Driven Everything

David Hussman, DevJam

When you hear people talk about test-first or test-driven, you probably think of testing the code. Test-driven practices help developers reduce defects and increase the value in the code and the designs they deliver. Sadly, "test-driven" is too often confined to the coding trenches, and project communities miss the value of test-driven as a way to produce more value and less waste in other areas. David Hussman challenges you to think about test-driven beyond the coding realm. In addition to test-driven development, it is possible to test drive projects, meetings, and more. David begins by describing test-driven development and why it is often devalued or even dropped. Then he explains about using project chartering and story test-driven development as concrete tools for infusing test-driven everything across your project community. As a result, you will find defects, remove duplication, and discover dependencies sooner.

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