Test Strategies for the Modern Distributed World

Dan Koloski, Empirix

Enterprise application development is quickly evolving with SOA and Web 2.0 taking center stage. Organizational structures are changing, with growing numbers of testing teams employing offshore resources. What do these changes mean to you, and what should you do to prepare? Most testing groups were created based on traditional development processes, traditional application architectures, and traditional organizational structures. As agile enters the mainstream, more change is on the way. Outsourcing, offshore development, and acquisitions continuously change the organizational landscape. Dan Koloski discusses proven and practical practices for adapting to today's new technologies, new structures, and the new modern distributed world. He will discuss how to effectively communicate across virtual and physical silos as well as ways to adapt your test strategies and execution to component-based applications. Finally, you will learn how your organization can leverage Open Source applications and the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model.

  • Why traditional test groups are organized the way they are
  • New technologies and new organizations for new testing approaches
  • Ways to leverage new technologies to your advantage

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