Testers, Use Metrics Wisely or Don’t Use Them at All

Deborah Kennedy, Aditi Technologies

For thousands of years, human language has provided us with beautiful and complex ways of sharing important ideas. At the same time, language can derail attempts to communicate even the most basic pieces of critical information. We testers are the heralds of vast amounts of data, and it is our responsibility to use that data wisely—or not at all. Whether you are the information presenter whose voice not being heard or the information receiver who needs ways to spot errors in the message, a review of how metrics can be skewed—through ignorance, bias, or malice—provides us with the ability to think beyond content to the ethics of presentation. Using scientific research, case studies, and an interactive “try it yourself” experience, Deborah Kennedy explores both sides of metric—the good and the bad. Take away key insights to present your message without built-in barriers and arm yourself against disreputable attempts to sway you with unwisely presented data.

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