Testing with AI for Agile Teams

Jason Arbon

Agile teams ship frequently and change things all the time--by design. In the middle of all this, agile teams need to make sure that their core user flows like sign-in, shopping carts and search features still work on every new build. Traditional testing is a poor fit for agile teams. AI changes all that with the ability to create automated verification for new user flows, and automatically maintain those verification steps even when the application changes. AI changes the game so that agile teams can move faster, with less risk or worry about breaking the app. Jason Arbon walks you through real world running examples of AI-based UI flow verification, and shares which machine learning approaches work the best. If your agile team struggles with testing and worries about quality, see how AI is changing the game and freeing up teams to move faster, with higher quality.

About the Presenter

Jason Arbon is the CEO at test.ai where his mission is to test all the worlds apps. Google’s AI investment arm lead test.ai’s latest funding round. Jason previously worked on several large-scale products: web search at Google and Bing, the web browsers Chrome and Internet Explorer, operating systems such as Windows and ChromeOS, and crowd-sourced testing infrastructure and data at uTest.com. Jason has also co-authored books such as How Google Tests Software and App Quality: Secrets for Agile App Teams .

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