Testing Inside the Box

Rex Black, Rex Black Consulting

These days, we hear a lot about unit testing, testing for programmers, test-first programming, and the like. Design techniques for such tests and for improving system testing are often called white box test designs. Join Rex Black as he explains the basics of white box testing and compares
white box with other types of testing. Find out how the metaphor of "boxes" can inform-and confuse-us. Rex discusses the basis path tests, including cyclomatic number as a measure of complexity and a way to determine the number of tests necessary to cover all paths. He walks
you through the code-based tests for statement, branch, condition, and loop coverage. He then describes a technique called set-use pairs for data flow testing. Finally, Rex introduces bug and design-based test creation that can increase your test effectiveness. Learn to recognize the kinds of bugs white box testing can and can not find and how to fill your test design gaps.

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