Testing in an Outsourced World

Rex Black, Rex Black Consulting

Many of us have worked on projects where some or all of the development is done by third parties, sometimes in a different country. While cost savings may make such arrangements attractive, projects face significant new challenges in an outsourced world. Rex Black offers a testing perspective and lessons learned from his involvement in successful-and not-so-successful-- outsourcing projects. In this revealing session, Rex addresses the following questions: What are the critical logistical issues when we manage testing or work as testers on outsourced projects? What good advice can we offer executives who are considering outsourcing testing or development? How does ISO or CMM® certification of the outsource firm change the testing picture? How should we approach integration testing when some components are developed by an outsourced company? How will outsourcing affect the way we build and test systems? What do you need to know about the local culture when outsourcing internationally? Rex illustrates his points with case studies and shares humorous and scary anecdotes along the way.

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