Testing Retail VR Applications

Nimesh Patel

Traditional test approaches break down when applied to retail virtual reality systems. In this presentation, Nimesh Patel will share his experience developing a novel approach to retail VR testing that uses a blend of exploratory research and business- and user-focused testing strategies. Nimesh juggles the needs of a rich collection of company stakeholders, diverse clients, and highly specialized VR team members in order to draw critical insights from VR testing. Exploratory research of other retail VR applications was used to identify many domain-specific risks by studying their successes and failures. Nimesh will share details about the testing problems he solved, what retail VR applications are expected to do, the importance of collaboration with user experience experts, and the impact of many nonfunctional elements such as performance, intuitiveness, and VR equipment risks. You will learn how over-reliance on requirements or design compliance can lead to insufficient testing, new approaches for testing VR, and that even if the retail VR applications function correctly, it doesn’t mean that the application has any value to customers.

About the Presenter

Nimesh Patel is an experienced, passionate, and skilled software test professional with thirteen years of experience in software testing and quality. As a hands-on test lead and manager, he’s actively involved in the testing efforts of all the projects he works on. He’s tested different types of software systems with different testing missions, and his specialities include web, mobile, VR, and SOA-based software systems in the technology, insurance, and financial sectors. He’s managed testing on large, medium, and small projects and is involved in helping companies build their software test practice, including the training, coaching, and development of software testers. He is currently test lead and head of the testing practice at Valtech Canada, an innovative agency that brings digital experiences to the next level.

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