Timelines, Artifacts and Owners in Agile Projects

Hubert Smits, Rally Software Development

Knowledge of agile development processes is spreading through publications, training, and experience. And now organizations are taking on larger projects using agile methods. However, as more teams are involved in agile practices, organizations often stumble over what information is created and used during the various stages of an agile project and who is responsible for developing and reporting this information. Hubert Smits shares a model that describes the information created and consumed throughout the iterations, and describes the rhythms of an agile project(release, iteration, and day). The process Hubert describes focuses on creating the right artifacts at the right time, and with an accuracy-or acceptable level of inaccuracy-that enables project stakeholders to make good decisions. Through this model Hubert shows that agile is not anti-documentation but rather is about investing in the appropriate level of documentation at the right times.

  • The proper artifacts at the proper time for agile projects
  • Acceptable inaccuracies in information
  • Why agile is not anti-documentation

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