Top Ten Automation Questions and Their Answers

Mukesh Mulchandani, ZenTEST Labs

As software becomes more complex, many strategic test automation issues emerge that put test automation projects and improvement programs more at risk than ever. Mukesh Mulchandani shares ten key questions you must answer before beginning a test automation project. He begins with the elementary questions: Should I automate now or wait? What specifically should I automate? What approach should I adopt? Mukesh then considers more complex questions: vertical vs. horizontal automation, handling static and dynamic data, and testing dynamic objects. The final questions relate to future automation trends: moving beyond keywords automation technology, making automation scripts extensible, introducing test-driven development, starting automation when the application is not yet stable, and offering the automation scripts to clients. Whether you are just starting with test automation or wanting to improve your automation, find out which of these questions resonates with you-and learn Mukesh's suggested answers.

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