Total Quality Assurance: Stepping Out of the Testing Box

Bryan Sebring, Georgia Department of Transportation

In the QA/testing world we tend to focus on improving quality by altering or creating new software development models and process, and implementing tools to better manage them. In this way, we often put ourselves into a testing box where quality becomes quantified by "Were the requirements met?" and “Does the solution work as expected?" No matter what model is used-waterfall, agile, spiral, or iterative-the box still exists. Bryan Sebring examines four specific areas-your business, your staff, your customers, and, ultimately, yourself-to focus on to help you get out of the testing box and increase total quality in software. Learn to identify relationships among these areas and how they can positively or negatively impact quality. Explore how a decision in one area impacts the other three as you discover opportunities for improving in all four areas to increase your product's total quality.

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