Turbocharge Your Team’s Productivity: Increase Your Ability to Deliver

Rob Maher, Rob Maher Consulting

Many factors impact a team’s productivity. Some are well understood—collocation, size, common purpose. Others are less well known including social capital—the value of social networking. Rob Maher describes techniques that have been successfully used within organizations to enhance team productivity. Even geographically dispersed teams can benefit from techniques that build social capital to enhance productivity and reduce risk. Sharing case studies, Rob demonstrates how techniques—adopting Scrum and kanban, decentralized decision making, self-organizing teams, and even changing a company’s staffing model—can dramatically improve a team’s productivity. In the same way that investing in tangible assets (physical capital) or training and education (knowledge capital) can increase a team’s ability to produce, so can investing in social capital. Rob describes the impact social capital can have on your team’s productivity and well-being, and provides techniques to improve your team's social capital.

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