Usability Testing: Personas, Scenarios, Use Cases, and Test Cases

Koray Yitmen, UXservices

To create better test cases, Koray Yitmen says you must know your users. And the path to better test case creation in usability testing starts with the segmentation and definition of users, a concept known as personas. Contrary to common market-wise segmentation that focuses on users' demographic information, personas focus on users’ behavioral characteristics, animating them in the minds of designers, developers, and testers. Put these personas “on stage” and let them play their roles in user scenarios. Then, turn these scenarios into use cases and turn use cases into test cases—and you have created better test cases. Koray shares stories from his usability testing projects for multinational clients. Learn how to define personas and scenarios, and convert them into use cases and test cases. Using a few concepts and skills from engineering, psychology, sociology, and art, this is no ordinary test case creation session.

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