Using Agile Management Techniques on Traditional Projects

Brian Watson, Quick Solutions, Inc.

Project managers generally run a project based on the development methodology used by their company. If a product is developed in a traditional, more waterfall manner, project managers will slip into management techniques of heavy documentation, weekly status meetings and reports, and a “tell them what to do” mentality. On the other hand, if a product is being developed in an agile manner, then minimal documentation, daily stand-up meetings, and team-based direction will be more the norm. Brian Watson describes how his organization has incorporated many agile management techniques into all projects regardless of methodology required by the client or sponsor. They have successfully adapted their internal agile methodologies for clients that demand waterfall or spiral project reporting. The client sees the facade of a waterfall project, while the project is managed in an agile manner behind the scenes. Join Brian as he describes how this technique provides the benefits of agile yet meets the expectations of their clients and project sponsors.

  • Managing and reporting within different methodologies
  • Merging agile and traditional methodologies
  • Increasing user interaction with agile practices in traditional projects

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