A UX Strategy for Persona Research

Nellie LeMonier, Perforce Software, Inc.

Research into your users’ personas can provide deep insights into their needs and validate your product design. This research doesn’t have to take months; it can often be done in two weeks, during sprint 0. Unfortunately, many companies using agile methods don’t invest in personas and a UX strategy because they think they have no time or believe they already know enough about their users. We typically spend months to years developing a software product. Don’t we owe it to our users and ourselves to devote some time to researching and understanding them? Nellie LeMonier describes persona research methods and techniques for conducting quick guerrilla research. She discusses how to ensure your research results are shared throughout the software team so that everyone has a common understanding of what your users care about and what they need. Nellie uses case studies to illustrate the benefits and consequences for projects conducted both with and without persona research. Join Nellie to get a UX strategy for your project!

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