Video: Driving Lean Innovation on Agile Teams

Sanjiv Augustine, LitheSpeed

The Lean Startup® methodology has taken the business world by storm and is revolutionizing product development through the application of a Build-Measure-Learn cycle, and the systematic application of techniques such as Customer Discovery, Customer Development, and Pirate Metrics. With agile teams in place, how can organizations drive lean product innovation on their agile teams? How can we bootstrap product development with product roadmaps and business requirements that are truly aligned with end-user needs? Sanjiv Augustine shares how to drive lean innovation on your agile teams by setting up clear, short-term experiments using the popular Lean Canvas tool; structuring direct customer interaction through systematic customer interviews; conducting release planning informed by actionable metrics; and creating a “dual-track” of no- and low-cost UX prototyping in conjunction with agile delivery to reduce the cost of iteration while validating ideas and features. Learn how to extend your agile delivery knowledge into the product space to deliver products that customers love.

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