Virtual Private Clouds: A Secure Approach for Leveraging Cloud Benefits

Prashant Suri, QA InfoTech

Using cloud computing resources to test software can significantly expand the universe of plausible test scenarios. With the power of the cloud, we now can simulate test loads of many thousands of concurrent users across hundreds of platform combinations. So, how can we provide a secure environment for cloud-based testing over the Internet? Or must we abandon the cloud and revert to testing behind the firewall? Prashant Suri has tackled this challenge using Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) to secure data and transactions while replicating heavy user loads in geographically dispersed locations. Prashant explains how to include cloud resources as if they were simply another component of the in-house network. He shares case studies on test architecture solutions and performance testing using VPC so you can leverage secure cloud benefits in your work. Take back a novel approach for a seamless bridge between the existing IT infrastructure-firewalls, antivirus programs, Active Directory, etc.-and the cloud to extend supervision and security capabilities.

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