Visualization: Seeing Test Requirements in a New Light

Vijay Atmavilas, VeriSign Inc

Change is everywhere in software-feature enhancements, regulatory requirements, technology updates, re-designs, and re-implementations. How can we ensure that testers really understand requirements, business rules, and know what’s changing? Vijay Atmavilas shares how Verisign began to employ visual modeling and visual test design techniques to address these challenges. New models were produced using diagrams that highlighted process flows, input types and combinations to highlight data, and scenarios to highlight usage. As a result, team members quickly increased their understanding of feature requirements and improved their testing. Learn how Vijay and his team employ visual models to identify undertested functional areas and to help them measure coverage and the effectiveness of their regression tests and suites. Take back ideas on using models to better stimulate brainstorming, engage stakeholders, increase comprehension, speed-up training, design new tests, and more. You are sure to see testing in a new light.

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