Web Testing Circus: An Expert-Led Search for Security Defects

Michael Andrews, Foundstone Professional Services

Step right up! Come see the sights! Join in the fun! The circus is in town and admission is free with your STAREAST badge. Right before your very eyes, our security testing ringmaster Mike Andrews demonstrates for you the wonders of Web security testing. Behold death-defying feats of SQL injection. Stare open-mouthed as he hacks a site using the cross-site scripting attack. Watch him hijack a Web session before your very eyes. Find out how and why Web servers are the most attacked resource on the Internet and what you can do to protect yours. Learn the history of some successful and insidious Web hacks and the freak-show of hackers that perpetrate them.

Bring your laptop with wireless access, and join in the attack! We will set up a wireless network and Web site with known vulnerabilities on an intranet in the session room so you can have a go at finding security bugs.

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