What You Can't Measure, You Can't Improve: Measurements for a Continuous Delivery Organization

Ashwin Desai

Ashwin Desai has faced the daunting challenge of using measurements and metrics to assess and improve product quality through process change. Join him as he shares what he learned on the journey to move the sports technology firm Hudl from a reactive approach to quality to quantitative, data driven, proactive means to improve product quality. Just as Hudl itself provides the ability for coaches and teams to analyze and improve their performance based on data, they wanted to move the teams building Hudl to use the same approach to improve quality. Ashwin shares how they selected measurements, the work agile teams completed to get buy-in for the measurements, and how the data was normalized to provide understanding of the quality of each initiative and the variance between them. Attend this session to learn a novel approach to product improvement that gives individual teams flexibility while allowing leadership to assess the quality of the product team as a whole.


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About the Presenter

Vice president of Quality at Hudl, Ashwin Desai is responsible for leading the transformation of a worldwide QA team to an automation focused organization following the testing pyramid and setting quantitative measures to allow the company to learn and improve quality. Previously Ashwin was the VP of Engineering, Quality and DevOps at ikaSystems where he led a large transformation to agile and continuous testing and continuous delivery across the organization. Prior to that Ashwin worked as the Principal Quality Architect at IBM and provided leadership for the agile transformation of the Engineering team and was responsible for developing an overall testing approach and continuous deployment pipeline for an omnichannel eCommerce platform.

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