Where Did My Testers Go? Test Management on Agile Projects

Jeffery Payne

Substantial confusion exists about the roles and responsibilities of test managers in an agile software development process. Agile seeks to streamline project management and leadership under the role of a ScrumMaster. So, what does this mean for test managers? How do they stay involved in the process? What role do they fill? Is it possible that test managers are no longer needed? Join Jeffery Payne for a collaborative dialog on the challenges test managers face in an agile model. Learn the pros and cons of a variety of test management models he has seen used by organizations that have adopted agile. Discover how to best position yourself within the agile model to add value and continue to support your test teams. Take back practical knowledge on how test management is done within agile projects and what your options are—regardless of which test management model your organization chooses. Leave with valuable next-steps for raising this issue with management and getting your new role established.

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