Who Are Your Project Stakeholders?

Linda Westfall, The Westfall Team

It's easy to list all the stakeholders and identify different types of users for your software project-WRONG! Although it may be obvious who holds the checkbook for your project and who the "average" users will be, many other people and user roles are not so obvious. Unaccounted for stakeholders and users result in missed requirements and often leave important conflicts unresolved. Even worse, you can lose support-and the whole project can fail-if important people are left out of the process. As Linda Westfall demonstrates unique "brain writing" techniques in a facilitated, interactive requirements workshop, you will learn ways to identify a complete list of the important project stakeholders and user roles. After pruning the stakeholder list to eliminate duplicates, Linda demonstrates how to define a requirements elicitation strategy to select appropriate techniques for each stakeholder. Practice techniques for resolving stakeholder conflicts and take back a stakeholder identification checklist to ensure that you consider a broad range of stakeholder categories for your projects.

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