Who is Stealing a Living off Your Web Site?

Florence Mottay, Security Innovation LLC

So, your company makes money from its Web site. Who else might also be doing the same? While the Web is a profitable venture for many companies, it is often equally profitable for hackers and thieves. Due to unknown vulnerabilities of your Web application, hackers may end up with more profit from your Web site than you do. See examples of hacker techniques-SQL injection, format string attacks, session-based attacks-and a host of others. Find out why the current crop of Web testing tools is not sufficient to thwart hackers and will leave you with a false and dangerous sense of security. Learn the skills and techniques you must know to stay ahead of hackers and find security holes in your Web applications.

  • Hidden Web application security vulnerabilities
  • Testing skills and techniques to find security holes and prevent breaches
  • Tools to help you with security testing Web sites

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