Why is "Test Driven Development" Not Driven by Testers?

Antony Marcano, Testing Reflections

For years, testers implored developers to do better unit testing. Our pleas fell mostly on deaf ears. Testers were constantly frustrated, finding bugs that should never have escaped the developers. Then, out of nowhere, a few developers started preaching Test Driven Development-test early and often, write unit tests for the code, then write the code. Suddenly, unit testing was cool! Why did testers fail to entice developers to test earlier, more, and better? Why is Test Driven Development a practice that was not driven by testers? Antony Marcano examines these questions and explains how the testing community can become a driving force of software improvement practices. If testers want to be more influential in our day-to-day projects and in our organizations, we must broaden our horizons. Join Antony to find out how to provide concrete ideas that make things easier for everyone-not just ourselves. Take back ways to demonstrate the benefits of testing-and how to publicize that information--so we are seen as a value-added service rather than gatekeepers and naysayers.

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